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Welcome to the VoteProPot-Cast page! This podcast covers all aspects of cannabis legalization and reform in an educational, provocative, and often irreverent way. 

Wanna chime in? Leave a message at 240-257-2441 and we'll play it on the show.

Aug 24, 2020

Andrew, Jay, Phil, and Faye mix it up on a range of cannabis-related topics, including

  • The link between cannabis and heart disease
  • A new poll shows a majority of Republicans now support legalization
  • FDA approves Phase 1 testing of cannabinoid drug for COVID-19
  • Check out who's investing millions in Dutchie
  • and...

Aug 18, 2020

Andrew, Jay, and Phil welcome author, master chef, and cannabis entrepreneur, Warren Bobrow to discuss

  • The business of cannabis mixology
  • How to infuse food and beverages to get the best taste and greatest effect
  • Warren's work with Forbes Magazine and other media
  • and more
Warren Bobrow (on Amazon)
Weed Talk...

Aug 11, 2020

Andrew, Jay, and Phil bring you the latest "buzz" from the world of cannabis, including,

  • Democrats decline to include cannabis legalization in party platform
  • Women who use cannabis are more sexually satisfied
  • Critics of 'Big Weed' fret over retail cannabis slotting fees
  • Federal legalization bill introduced by Minnesota...

Aug 3, 2020

Find out what Drew and Jay have to say about cannabis (and Phil since he's on vacation). 

  • 5 ways you didn’t know THC can affect you
  • Mike Tyson introduces 3-D printed pot drinks
  • Can landlords evict tenants w/ MMJ cards for smokin'?
  • California may ban more forms of canna-advertising
  • and more
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