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Welcome to the VoteProPot-Cast page! This podcast covers all aspects of cannabis legalization and reform in an educational, provocative, and often irreverent way. 


Mar 30, 2021

Jay and Phil welcome the founders of Greenhouse Wellness, an award-winning dispensary, and Blissiva, a female-focused cannabis line.  They discuss how two suburban moms and best friends are taking the medical cannabis industry by storm. You may have seen them recently discussing their take on women in the industry...

Mar 23, 2021

Jay and Phil dish up some lively conversation on all things weed-related, including

  • Two bi-partisan cannabis bills are re-introduced in Congress
  • Bidness update: How are canna-drinks doing?
  • Biden's pick for Drug Czar is a bit out of the historical norm
  • Jay gives a little cannabis history lesson
  • and more

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Mar 16, 2021

Phil and Jay offer up some entertaining insights on the politics, business, and culture of cannabis, including

  • Parents give their daughter a weed-inspired name, Instagram blows up
  • One of Biden's top DOJ picks gets a cautious thumbs up, the other a disappointed thumbs down
  • NY Times: Medical marijuana is not regulated as...

Mar 9, 2021

Chill with Phil and Jay and get the latest buzz on cannabis politics, business, and culture, including

  • Virginia is just a stroke of the pen away from legalizing adult use
  • Florida legislators are trying to cap THC in smokable medical marijuana
  • Another celebrity launches a new cannabis brand
  • NFL explores cannabis use as...