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Welcome to the VoteProPot-Cast page! This podcast covers all aspects of cannabis legalization and reform in an educational, provocative, and often irreverent way. 

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Feb 22, 2022

Join Andrew, Jay, and Phil as they discuss myriad and disparate topics of interest from the world of weed, including

  • What's the big deal with legalizing edibles?
  • An easy gummy recipe that you're going to love
  • Cannabis toothpaste?
  • and more

Feb 15, 2022

Spend a half-hour with Andrew, Jay, and Phil as they get into some current cannabis topicalities, including

  • Politicians are starting to jump in front of the legalization parade
  • Chuck Schumer finally reveals what "soon" means
  • 2021 Stats: Who's Buying All That Weed
  • and more

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Feb 8, 2022

Hang out with Andrew, Jay, and Phil as they discuss a range of canna-topics, including

  • 7 cannabis trivia facts you may not know
  • Massachusetts weed sales are outpacing alcohol
  • States launch initiatives to foster cannabis microbusiness
  • and more

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